FAQ’s Resume Writing


Much like an accountant specializes in financial data, a certified professional resume writer is trained and experienced in the “language” of resume writing. From format, word choice, layout, positioning, strategy, to overcoming problems and challenges that each client presents, we apply our skills to your unique situation.

Most workers are never trained or study “how” to write a resume; in fact, creating a marketing document may be something you’ve never learned. It becomes even tougher when the subject of the document is YOU and the marketing target is a new, and better job. Matching these two components in a concise and impactful document is like walking along a tightrope between your past and your future.

I don’t write “cookie cutter” resumes. Until I have all the facts about your background and past jobs, as well as your target job, I can’t begin to tell you what the resume will look like. Together, through my questioning of you in a 60-minute phone interview and in your completing my proprietary exercises, reading some articles and learning what data I need, we develop a strategy for the correct positioning.

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The “Real Question” is, “How do I choose a resume writer?” You’ll find resume writers who charge $100, and resume writers who charge $1000. What’s the difference?

Things to consider before hiring a resume writer:


Has this resume writer taken tests, training and submitted examples to achieve certification in resume writing/coaching?


Me: One of less than a dozen nationwide resume writers “doubly certified” in resume-writing from the 2 largest and oldest professional organizations:

·         NCRW (Nationally Certified Resume Writer) from the National Resume Writer’s Association

·         CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) from the Professional Association of Resume Writers

·         JCTC (Job and Career Transition Coach) after completing a 3 day workshop detailing the help adults need when changing jobs and careers

·         CEIP (Certified Employment Interview Professional) after completing a 2 day workshop targeted to improve a client’s ability to interview skillfully and negotiate effectively.

2) EDUCATION                    

Does the resume writer/coach have college and/or graduate level degrees?


Me: B.A. in Economics from Harvard University

M.A. in Adult Education/Training from the University of South Florida



What kind of “real” business experience do they have? Many resume professionals have been out of the market for many years, never had hiring or executive management exposure, or became resume writers from administrative/secretarial positions.


Me: Over 10 years of Fortune 100 company experience with Procter & Gamble and BIC, working in Brand Management/Marketing and Operations/Purchasing. Another 8 years as a small business marketing consultant, writer and corporate trainer.



What associations do they belong to? What kind of ongoing training do they receive?


Me: Ongoing membership and training in these organizations: -Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW) -National Resume Writers Association (NRWA) -Career Masters Institute (CMI) -American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) -Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)



Have their resumes competed against peer-written resumes and been selected for compilations in resume books?


Me: Published in all books materials were submitted to, including: Gallery of Best Cover Letters, Expert Resumes for Managers and Executives, Gallery of Best Resumes for People Without a 4 Year Degree, Expert Resumes For Teachers And Educators, Gallery of Best Resumes, College Grad Resumes to Land $75,000+ Jobs: Great Resumes to Fast Track your Career, Best Resumes For $100,000+ Jobs



What is the resume writer’s viewpoint on resumes and their purpose?


Me: I believe a resume is a document that allows a prospective employer to match a person’s specific experience with a potential job opening. Strong resumes are not “general;” they are fairly specific in creating proof about experiences and skills. By showing accomplishments and outcomes in enough detail, they provide a clear picture of the person and their ability to do the job. It is a delicate balance between enough detail and too much detail. To be truly effective, they must be custom-crafted.



What kind of turnaround, office hours, workload and time do they spend? Is it a resume mill with many different writers? Do they provide a personal interview or write it without speaking to you?


Me: I don’t run a resume mill. My business is small by choice, with no subcontractors or other writers.  I treat each client individually and take the time to dig and approach the project with respect and thought. I devote enough time to craft an outstanding and customized, on-target resume. When I do coaching or teach workshops take the same approach and we customize the learning to your needs and skill level.