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Are you looking for a certified freelance resume writer? Here’s what clients have to say:

  • With the resume and cover letter Gail prepared for me, I got several calls within a 2 week period and am now working in my dream job!
  • I had no idea my materials were so poorly written and DATED, this resume, cover letter and reference list is AMAZING!
  • Thank You Gail–appreciate your humor and expertise. You’ve shed some light on my darkness and I appreciate it.
  • I didn’t even know what was important to include on the resume; Gail kept digging until she pulled out things she decided were relevant and important to include!
  • Gail was able to take my old resume, ask me questions, and create a wonderful document which got me a great job! She was energetic and easy to work with.
  • The first week I sent out my resume I had 2 different recruiters ask me who did it because it was so well-written.
  • Gail is quite knowledgeable about careers, is very “people savvy” and is an outstanding trainer.
  • My way of approaching a job search was ALL WRONG. Gail gave me a private workshop and taught me how to approach it completely differently.  I made a specific plan and followed all her great tips. It made it easy and got me a job within 6 weeks!


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